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Laundry Detergent Double Sheets *Unscented*

Our white laundry sheets are the best liquid detergent alternative—convenient, environmentally friendly, and effective!

Reduce, reuse, and recycle with Muerosa, the eco-friendly skincare brand that minimizes waste and eliminates single-use materials. We use paper packaging that is earth-kind and easily recyclable, supporting people as they strive to make a difference in this world. It’s time to step into the future: ditch the plastics that litter our beautiful planet—and the harsh chemicals that plague our rivers—with our environmentally friendly laundry detergent sheets.


ECO-FRIENDLY LAUNDRY SHEETS: Looking to reduce your environmental impact with every wash? Rather than using liquid detergent that comes in plastic bottles—that pollute our oceans and fill up our landfill—put the planet first and choose our green eco sheets. What’s more, we deliver our laundry sheets in recyclable paper packaging.

60 SCENTED OR UNSCENTED SHEETS: We have a solution for you, whether you want to keep it simple with natural scent-free sheets or prefer the fresh smell of laundry. Choose from scented or unscented, and enjoy the feel of soft, clean clothes on your skin.

GENTLE AND NATURAL INGREDIENTS: Our ingredients are added in a highly concentrated form to create skin-kind washing sheets. We use a formula that’s free from harsh chemicals which is suitable for all skin types, so even those with sensitive skin can enjoy the fresh-sheet feel without allergies or irritations.

EASY-TO-USE LAUNDRY METHOD: Not only are laundry sheets better for the environment, they’re also far easier to use than liquid detergent. No more messy spills while measuring liquid soap—simply throw the sheet into the laundry drum and enjoy clean and fresh clothes.

COMPACT AND EFFICIENT: Other types of detergent can be bulky and inconvenient, which makes washing while traveling difficult. With our lightweight laundry sheets, you can slip several sheets into your luggage and enjoy clean clothes throughout your work trips and vacations.